Turbo charge your email marketing efforts

Email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing, with potentially the highest return on investment. Many businesses do it but don’t get any traction or conversion, but we can help.

email marketing

There are three distinct areas to email marketing:

  • The initial collection of the email address – this can be simply people who want to hear more about a service through a quote form or a lead magnet whereby you offer a value add up front in exchange for their email address.
  • Automated email flow – having got this email address you segment and send out a series of automated emails at different intervals with the end email being an offer. We segment email addresses, so we are sending out only highly specific and targeted emails, this is key to getting conversions.
  • Value add newsletters – These are emails where by you give out free relevant information, something of value that the recipient can use information such as how to care for a product they have purchased or information on how to increase traffic to their website. The important thing here is the value and it’s free.

Now you’re thinking FREE? I can’t afford to be giving out my IP for free. But take a look around; 90% of online companies give away a free version of their offering, a carrot to bring people into your eco system. Once there, customers can be converted, but you need to engage them first, build trust and build that connection.

There are the important elements you are going to need:

  • A professional looking mobile email template design – I don’t think I need to go too far into why this is important.
  • Target your content to specific audience – Targeted content equals higher conversions. If I like ACDC I don’t want emails about Barry White (no disrespect to Barry White - the guy is awesome ;)
  • Tracking and reporting – We need information to make informed decisions; we need to see what is working and what isn’t to move forward and improve.

And finally, we need to be consistent, we want both potential and current customers to be constantly reminded we are around, to even look forward to our next offering.

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